Way to fix Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Camera

Welcome, today we will see Way to fix Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Camera and Redmi Note 10 Pro Camera. We all know that after updating to MIUI 13 most of the Mi devices getting camera issues.

I am using Redmi Note 10 pro and soon after installing the new Software update after releasing MIUI 13, my front camera completely stopped working, My warranty expired just a month before when this incident happened.

I tried contacting Service Center for a solution to ask them why this happened. They rebooted my device and told it was an issue with the hardware. I didn’t understand there is no physical damage happened to my device before and not even play high graphics games and even though I am not a rough user to handle and throw the device.

I asked them why, and Service Center people responded that they don’t the reason for this but I need to pay 11,000/- to replace my motherboard. I asked why should I need pay for my no mistake in Camera failure.

It was the problem from their end, bugs will exist we can’t expect 100 accuracies in all areas, but if the issue is raised because of their mistakes they should take responsibility for solving the user issue.

The Service center people not providing the required information for that, they simply asked if we have to pay the amount for solving the issue as my warranty expired. Also, Check Big Billion Days Offers and Deals – Flipkart 2022

I refused to move forward with the service and came back to take new mobile after giving a complaint to Mi via mail directly by adding honest comments and feedback on how and what service center people told me.

Way to fix Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Camera?

As many reports were raised on camera issues after the update, Mi posted a tweet saying users who are facing this issue can reach out to Mi Service Center for solving the issue without any pay.

Hope you will find this useful, If you are reading this, you might have the same issue. I recommend you reach out to your nearest Service Center for solving the front camera issue.


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