How to start blogging with WordPress in minutes! 2022

Did you know a perfect way to get income is by taking writing as your passion, writing skills will improve your income, a simple way to get paid for your writing is through blogging. Here, we will see How to start blogging with WordPress in minutes.

We can start blogging through Blogger for free (where you will be added in addition to the website URL you are choosing. If you want to learn How to do blogging using Blogger, I have a separate demonstration on them.

If you want to do bogging using WordPress you need to buy Domain and Hosting, to get these you need to pay on a monthly, yearly basis as per your requirement. If you are a beginner and want to know how to do blogging go for Blogger first and understand what is SEO, and Google Console use, How Analytics works, and the Perfect Niche to get high reach.

WordPress Dashboard

Getting started to WordPress guide for beginners. I will try to explain each section on WordPress for better understanding.

Start blogging with WordPress in minutes


A detailed summary of your website views, visitors, rank, and other news from the plugins you installed will be available in Dashboard. You can monitor and update if any errors or modifications are required easily from Dashboard.

Posts & Pages

Posts are used to write blog content in which you are willing to convey what you know or what you learned to the public. You should follow some steps to get your blog post more reach.

To get more reach or traffic to your website you need to follow

  1. Writing content SEO-friendly (SEO is Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Add your own Images
  3. Don’t copy content from others
  4. Share your blog post to your friends and family to get an initial boost
  5. Create backlinks

Pages are used to create new pages, mostly a blog website requires About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions to get Adsence approval. If you see other than blog sites there are many options in the menu which we select to navigate from place to place like for example business website, for business site the Home page will be summary or popular products which they provide, If we navigate to view more or buy now we will get another page to check other websites or buying cart page.

Such pages can be created using the Page section. In WordPress, we have special features like adding plugins and themes to create our website easily.

Media & Comments

Media is where all images and videos are uploaded and stored to load the website.
The comments section will have all the comments that can be monitored and modified as per our needs, monitoring comments is necessary because for starting blogs you may have scam messages.

Appearance & Users

The theme customization, adding widgets, additional CSS, and more can be done from appearance. The entire front-end design for the website is done through the Appearance option.

The user’s section is used to add new users to your website and you can give access to them so that they can log in and write content for your website.

Plugins & Settings

Plugins or add-ons or extensions are added to your website to get additional functionality like speed, alerts, safety, backup, optimization, and more.

Settings will help to modify or change Name, Tagline, WordPress Address, Administration Email Address, New User Default Role, Timezone, Site Language, Date & Time formate, and Week Starts On, etc.,


Blogging is very useful to learn many new things, Digital Marketing will get easier if you are a blogger. Hope this WordPress guide for beginners will help you to get start blogging with WordPress in minutes. Start blogging now to get benefits in getting skills.

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