Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Complete review

Hello there, and welcome to Let’s Explore Tech, and now let’s explore the brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. First, let’s have a look at the cover display before going to them all one by one. As you can see, it’s a pretty impressive display. It’s a bit narrow, at least for my liking, but it’s pretty big, and the quality of the display is excellent. It’s great to sort of, you know, take your calls on intermittently and check emails on stuff like that easily.

If you ask me, I am not a big fan of small I’m not a big fan of typing on the screen it feels very narrow and cramped but again that’s why you have this massive display which is 7.6 inches across almost like a mini tablet of sorts is amazing Samsung’s hardware the display they have integrated. Also Check, Vivo v25 pro complete review.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4: Display

Super bright there is a lot of screen real estate as you can see to play around with it’s great for multitasking those of you who find yourself wanting to or having to use a lot of apps simultaneously will really enjoy doing that on this particular phone.

Now there is no shortage of cameras on this phone there is a camera under display under the cover screen there is a camera under display under the main screen uh and you have the star set of cameras which is right here at the back.

Now i have to tell you i tried out the camera under a variety of settings with a variety of features and every single time the pictures that came out were nothing short of stunning so samsung’s really out in itself in the camera department in both the flip 4 and the fold 4.

One thing that i am still getting used about this phone is the form factor withthe flip 4 it is foldable and super compact but this one it is hefty it takes a bit of space it’s not designed for your usual pockets i mean for woman do they even deserve pockets but even for a regular sized pocket you might find yourself wanting to keep an eye out so that it doesn’t slip out but that’s a trade-off in case you want a massive massive display to play around with now this phone runs android 12 a specialized version which is designed for larger displays now.

You can really see it in action here when you have this little tree of apps that you can pull-out you can have one app running on one side of the screens other companion app on the other side in case you even need a third one you could drag and drop it here coming to the main display you can see that it is a pretty impressive.

Display not just in terms of size but also in terms of the kind of visuals it offers it is very immersive one thing that we obviously need to talk about is the crease now the crease is something that I’m not used to it took me some time to get used to it especially on this bigger phone compared to the flip and once you get used to it it should be okay if you’re mostly using it in portrait mode which means the curve kind of runs down the middle.

It anyway kind of parts your screen into two different halves so that’s not so much of a problem but when i was watching content on Netflix for example in the initial days it was a bit bother some for me to spot this crease in certain angles it is now here as obtrusive or as visible as it was in the previous iterations of this smartphone but right now it’s still there are more details that i have in place for you to go through uh the benchmarking tests we run for the processor and also a bit more about the battery which has been upgraded and now to the final question should you be buying the brand new samsung galaxy said four.

It depends on a couple of factors one you need to have very deep pockets this phone basically costs how much a very fancy premium laptop would cost you in india right now so that’s the first condition second do you have the use case for it do you actually need a phone um to multitask a lot have access visually to a lot of different windows during a workday or even while you’re sort of winding down.

Now this phone does offer alot an amazing set of screens a really good camera and pretty decent battery life for what it offers and if you do decide to go and buy it for sure you are going to be investing in one of the most innovative smartphones that exist in the Indian Market right now for more such content please follow our website.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 review massive display use

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