OnePlus Nord Watch Review

In smartwatches priced under Rs 5,000, function is always put before form. It’s not like inexpensive smartwatches look bad. When you consider spending about Rs 5,000 on a smartwatch, it is safe to assume that your design expectations are on the lower end, even if there are some decent-looking gadgets in that price range from Amazfit, Realme, and Redmi.

With the OnePlus Nord Watch, the first wearable in the Nord series, which combines a respectable-looking design with fitness tracking capabilities and a few practical smarts while retaining a low price, that may change.

OnePlus Nord Watch Review: Looks

The OnePlus Nord Watch’s design is undoubtedly its greatest strength. It is without a doubt the most attractive smartwatch we have seen in its price range. While OnePlus chose a circular dial for its OnePlus Watch, it chose a square design for the Nord Watch, placing the crown smack in the middle of the right side. And it has carried out the design with a subtle grace that is uncommon in this market.

The Nord Watch is not a little device. Its has a massive 1.78-inch display is sizable for the market segment. The 1.55-inch displays of the Redmi Watch 2 Lite and the Amazfit GTS 2 small are comparable in pricing. The Nord Watch doesn’t appear large or thick, though. Even with the band, it is relatively lightweight at just over 50 grammes. It has a highly luxury feel thanks to its zinc metal frame and bright 1.78-inch AMOLED display, which has the same resolution (448 x 368) and refresh rate as the 44mm Apple Watch.

Although only five watchfaces are still present on the watch, there are hundreds to experiment with. You’ll need to access the N Health Connecting app for more possibilities (more on which later). The outstanding watchface selection has various dynamic options that will catch people’s attention, especially on that display.

The colours on the display are obviously oversaturated, but we believe that this is a good thing because it makes watchfaces and designs pop out and makes the colours more prominent. Although it does not have an always-on display, the rise-to-wake feature functions rather well. All in all, the Nord Watch has a subtle beauty that allows it to go in anywhere—from the office to the cafe to the gym.

While you cannot take it swimming, it is IP68 dust and water resistant, so it can likely withstand the rigours of a gym or a little while in the rain. The strap that comes in the box has stripes that are slightly curved, just like the one that came with the OnePlus Watch.

It provides a good deal of info as well. The watch continuously monitors heart rate, blood oxygen levels while you sleep (and when you check manually), steps, sleep quality, women’s cycle tracking, and stress. Additionally, a Personal Health Summary is calculated by adding stress, blood oxygen, and heart rate over the course of two minutes.

Our observations show that the Nord Watch virtually always provided accurate information. It is the first wearable in the market to track our slightly chaotic sleep cycle and was fairly accurate on the heart rate and blood oxygen levels fronts as well.

One area where it appeared a little irregular at times was step counting, although the error levels were never too severe; perhaps the lack of an inbuilt GPS is to blame for this (the watch your phone for GPS). The watch also makes the claim to track 105 workouts and provides data on exercise duration, heart rate, and calories burned.

Although it promises to be able to do so, it frequently failed to recognise when we began to run or walk. Additionally, even while you receive information on your heart rate and level of stress, the watch won’t warn you if any of the data is particularly concerning for you, such as an elevated heart rate or a high degree of stress. Redmi Watch 2 Lite, specifically

OnePlus Nord Watch Review: Battery

The Nord Watch has additional “smart” features that extend its use beyond that of a fitness tracker. You cannot make or receive calls using the watch, but you may view incoming calls and reject them there. Additionally, you receive messages and updates from social media.

Although you can’t reply to them from the watch, reading is made simpler by the bigger screen and higher resolution. Instead of just getting a notification that someone has messaged you, you can actually read their messages. The ability to operate your phone’s camera and music from your watch is a useful feature, and both functions adequately.

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