How to Start Blogging with WordPress, Blogger

Hi bloggers, even if you are not a blogger no problem you are here to learn how to start blogging with WordPress, we can do blogging with WordPress, and Blogger. Hosting is required if you need to do blogging with WordPress. Today we will see how Blogging benefits us not in the way of earnings, we will see the advantages of it if we have time and effort.

I will explain how blogging can be done with WordPress, and Blogger separately. Before starting, let’s build some interaction with other viewers as well with a question. What made you choose to do Blogging? Use the comment section to answer this. You can provide your blog website so that others can check your content. Now, Let’s start exploring the basic and begging topic for starting a blog.

If you are buying a domain, make sure to buy .com, .in, .org, and .co types of domains. Because they have a high chance of getting approved if you are monetizing your website.

What is a Blog?

In short, a Blog is a website or a page with which we can share content frequently, and update information for the public. We can write blog content in your own way, and what you are willing to write is up to you. But to get paid for your content you need viewers (or traffic) for your website, to get that you need to write some content that which public willing to know like a piece of news.

Blog content may be News, Photography skills, Technology, Recipes, Science, etc., Make your content look cool for viewers. Add some CSS (style to your website to look attractive) so that viewers can stay on your page, and navigate to your page for a longer time.

I will explain blogging with WordPress, and Blogger and their uses as well. You can select which opt. for you.

How to Start Blogging with WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to host and build websites. WordPress contains plugins with which we can customize the website as per our needs in a short period without any coding. The predefined plugins, templates, or user interface make us build as per our own needs.


WordPress requires a hosting platform to store your data for that we need to purchase a Hosting (Know about Hosting). Purchasing a hosting platform for 2,000 or more.. will make you feel hard as a beginner without knowing how to write content and customize everything.

WordPress will guide you, will help you to modify as per your needs, and we can have everything under our control.

How to Start Blogging with Blogger

Blogger is provided by Google, it is a free online blogging platform that you can use to create, write and publish a blog. It will help you to publish all sorts of content from writing articles to images, posting video,s and more.


Blogger provides us a platform to post content, which means we can purchase a domain to make our website look cool without any Hosting platform. Here, the Hosting provider will be Google. Google will store our content, pages, and themes in their drive and host them with our domain name.

Well, this is awesome right. We can buy a domain for just Rs. 699 to Rs. 999, without paying Rs. 2000 and more for Hosting providers. But it has some drawbacks like theme loading, theme customization, web design, etc., I will explain them in a table format to get a better understanding of it.


How to start Blogging in WordPress? Or with Blogger? Hope you got some idea, of how it will benefit us with WordPress than with Blogger.
Blogger is a simple way to create a blog and design simple modifications, in blogger it will add at end of your site otherwise we need to purchase a domain.
WordPress we can add, modify and design as per our needs, it is simply a full-featured platform for building a website or business.

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