How to purchase the best Hosting Platform for Staters in 20s

Are you looking to host a website to improve your business, or willing to run a blog that provides you some income for the cool content which you are writing? If you are looking to know how to purchase the best Hosting Platform for your business, you are at the right place. Here, will cover most of the doubts which every person will get while paying some money to hosting platforms.

We will see What is hosting, the use of purchasing Hosing, and the best hosting platform. Previously I explained about purchasing a perfect domain for your website.

What is Hosting?

To explain it in a simple way, hosing is a service that makes our website live 24/7. Hosting providers will provide us with some space in the cloud or in their storage unit to host our domain. Instead of paying high for installing severs to run a small website or a blog website, we can purchase some space from providers with less pay to host our website. Hosting providers will provide us facilities required for our website as per our needs.

Domain only gives you the ‘name’ to your website to tell about your website by name to everyone like LetsExploreTech, but if you want something to be displayed at the domain, you will need a hosting where the actual website (HTML, CSS file, and other web design codes) needs to be live for the viewers. As these are actual storage units to provide necessary files for your website to be displayed, there are costs for it which we need to pay.

Purchase the best Hosting Platform

There are many hosting services available at various prices. If you are looking for basic page building or hosting for a single website you can check basic plans for beginners.

Ranking depends on various factors when placing your website on Search Results. We need to build SEO-optimized pages, posts, and images while loading a post or page, which we will learn in upcoming tutorials.

Top hosting platforms

I am using Hostinger for my hosting, I recommend you to select from the above list, if you are looking at a budget then check basic plans and compare all the hosting providers before paying.

Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostinger, GoDaddy, Fast comet, WPX, and Cloud Ways are mostly using hosting providers, Bluehost will provide better service and speed.

Basic Hosting Plans

Please refer to these images for a better idea in purchase the best Hosting Platform and the perfect plan is to proceed with hosting the correct platform for your business.

Premium or intermediate hosting plans

Who needs to buy this Hosting?

If you are willing to create a website for personal use, or not for selling or running a business you can take the free domains which are provided by many websites ( best to use Blogger or WordPress free domains) where they place a long domain name after your name (like if you see this domain name, it will be when you create it using Blogger).

Hosting is for those who need to improve their brand value or increase their business in product selling, purchasing a hosting platform will help to improve trust in searching, and purchasing a product from your website.


The top and best hosting services are provided by Bluehost and Hostinger in India for less price. Hope this content will help you with the question of How to purchase the best Hosting Platform. If you are willing to know how the web search results work and guide us to build a perfect website in the future with us. Please do follow our content regularly, and share it with your friends who are willing to start their careers in blogging. This will definitely help in their journey.

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