How to Purchase a valuable domain to gain followers

Is it necessary to know how to purchase a valuable domain to gain followers or traffic for your website?

Hi, welcome to the blogging journey, I will be doing a series of content daily to explain to you the tips and some code that I am using for my blog. Today we will see the first and most important topic before starting our journey, buying a domain. We will cover Why? How? What? Questions as well.

What is Domain?

Well, a domain is just a name for your website that you are running for a business, blog, or any other service. It will help you to tell simply by name like

Domain Providing Platforms

There are many platforms providing domains for different prices, if you ask for my platform, I purchased it from Hostinger. We will cover some top domain providers and short out the best provider.

Please note that this is not a sponsorship I would like to provide the best and cheap value domain providers for the longer term. Hope it will really help you to know the best-valued platform before starting your investment. I will be doing a series of content as I told you before. I will provide valid content and coding which I am using in WordPress, and Blogger for your SEO-friendly setup to make your website cool and attractive to viewers.

Top & Best Domain Providers

These are the best domain-providing sites in India, I suggest you buy Hosting + Domain on the same platform to make your work easier. You can go through these above sites to check the offers, as offers will change from time to time. I just suggest you check between Bluehost and Hostinger, as they provide faster service at cheaper rates. It is perfect for a beginner, we need to pay 3K to 4K for a year, which provides a domain worth 1699/- for free.

How to purchase a valuable domain to gain followers?

My simple suggestion is, to select a niche like on which factor you would like to post content or on which factor you are opening a business to grow in the market. If you are looking to run a blog in Tech, Food, History, Coding related, etc., select a relative name in your domain, and check that domain available or not. Mostly check for .com, .in if you are running a blog.

Refer to all other domain providers before purchasing a domain. Now we saw how to purchase a valuable domain to gain followers. It’s time to explore Why? How? And What?

How to Purchase a valuable domain


Why do we need to buy a domain?

Many of having doubts about buying a domain, we have sub-domain providers like Blogspot from blogger, from WordPress, and many other sub-domain providers by which we can run the same website and rank. As I told, having a domain is not necessary to post your content or run any business, but having a domain on your name or your business name will give users some confidence in purchasing any product you offer in your business or if you are running a blog, you can have control to your posts, pages, themes, plugins and more.

You can be the boss and Google will rank your content, page, or website for better traffic, and we can earn some income with our blog content. Blog content is simply what you learned new or what you want to share with the world with better content.

How it will benefit us?

If we organize a domain on our own without any other providers, we can have ownership and we can customize it as we need. It will help you when you are applying for AdSense, your website will be easily ranked on Google as it is the leading search engine provider getting traffic.

What do we need to do after buying a domain?

Well, we saw how to purchase a valuable domain to gain followers, the uses of the domain, and what we need to purchase. Now we need to learn how to design a blog perfectly to make rich traffic or to make viewers feel to stay on your website for a longer time.

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