Complete guide to make international payments in 2022

If you are working as a freelancer for a foreign client or working on some international earning platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, Picoworkers, Rapidworkers, etc., You need to know the gateway to make international payments safely from your customer or client without any risk.

Now in this post, we will see how to sign up on PayPal and make international payments from Picoworkers or from any other platform easily. When it comes to Picoworkers, to make international payments from Picoworkers you need to make sure that you are creating with the same mail that your Picoworker account that you are working, if you do anything wrong while registering in your PayPal account you will not going to get payments and your PayPal option is completely going to be blocked from Picoworkers.

To avoid such rejections while withdrawing your amount from Picoworkers. This content will help you to open an account and add the necessary information. There are many videos on YouTube that are going to tell you about the registration of Paypal to make international payments. Before going into the signup process, make sure that you have your PAN Card and bank account number with the IFSC code. Make sure that the name on your PAN card is correct.

Steps to make international payments

  • First, enter the PayPal website.
  • If you are not registered before. Click on sign up then it will take you through options as an individual account, our business account. Individual accounts or business accounts will help you to accept money, select the type of account you like to proceed with, and no need to worry about payment queries like which account I need to select? Will I get paid or not if I select this? Both types will give you payments and you can send or accepted payments.

    If you are running any business, you have to choose the business account or if you want to do payments on your own or you are not willing to produce invoices, or payment slips because you are not running any business you have to choose an individual account.
    Even if you are not running any business, you can choose a business account.
  • Select your country. After completing the selection They’ll ask for first name, last name, mobile number, and Gmail ID. Provide a first name and last name as shown in the PAN card and bank account.

    Gmail ID that you are giving in PayPal should be the same as you are using to do in Picowrkers. Because Picoworkers don’t ask for any payout details like bank account number or Gmail ID? They just transfer the earnings to your Mail registered with Picoworkers,

    If your Picoworkers Mail ID is different from Mail Id used to create PayPal, then you will definitly loose your money. If you haven’t registered your Gmail ID in PayPal, then payouts will be bounced back after that Picoworkers will not provide a PayPal option to withdraw your amount in such cases we have to choose the other two options Which are given by skrill or bitcoin.

    After giving the information you will get a confirmation mail, confirm your mail by opening your mail ID, comfirm the mail to activate your account.
  • After activation done, Go to account settings. Click on money went on cards. In the bank, account section you need to add your bank account.
    Note: After providing Bank details, wait for 2 to 3 business days, you will get two payments varying from Rs. 1 to Rs. 1.50, Payouts from PayPal account to confirm that it is your bank. Once after completing this step you are almost completed your steps to get payments.
  • Finally, to make international payments, you have to complete your KYC by giving your PAN Number. To complete your KYC.

  • In the given link they ask for a proof code. You can select a software consultancy and provide your PAN number. We were account is almost ready to accept international payments.
  • Now to confirm that your PayPal to process & make international payments. Go to the Account section and try to add new currency. If PayPal successfully adds new currency, then your account is ready to accept International payments, you can easily make international payments from now.

Hope this Content will help you. To create your PayPal account and make international payments easily. If you have any doubts you can comment below I will try to solve your doubts as soon as possible. For additional guide if you are facing any trouble in creating your account refer below video.


If you complete all the above steps, check this list and confirm once again before providing clients with payment gateways. The necessary to accept international payments from PayPal are:

  1. Make sure your Mail ID is confirmed
  2. Add a bank account Confirm it and
  3. KYC should be given (Please select valid Purpose code)

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