How to do Search Click Works in Picoworkers

Hi, friends welcome back last time I explained how to do Reddit work in Picoworkers, Here will see how to do a search click works in Picoworkers. If you missed How to do Reddit works, It will help you to earn passive income.

About Picoworkers

Picoworkers is one of the leading websites, which provides some small works like watching youtube videos, visiting some blog posts, referral works, and many others. We can sign up as a worker to earn money by doing those available tasks, or we can post jobs to fulfill our needs by providing that work to others.

Steps to do Search Click Works in Picoworkers

Here I will show you the steps to do Search Click Works in Picoworkers. In both text and image format to do Search Click Works in Picoworkers.

  1. Click on any market test visits tasked in the search click category. After opening the job or task. Read the instructions carefully. Check what he’s asking, the requirement he wants from us to do. Mostly everyone will ask to Visit 10 posts from their blog, where the link will be given in the instructions themselves.

    Some will provide us keywords that we need to search in google to navigate to their website to proceed further. This will result in organic search, Google will provide some ads on their website and pay for them if they gain some decent traffic.
How to do Search Click Works in Picoworkers
  1. Go to the link. Open the block and visit a minimum of 10 posts from his blog (open them in a new tab it will help you further). After successfully visiting 10 block posts, we need to show them proof.
  2. Now come to the proof section and check what he’s asking to prove or submit as proof. (In this task You can see what he is expecting from this worker. First, we need to clear cookies and open the private window. We need to do this work honestly. Select any one of the links randomly from the given links.
How to do Search Click Works in Picoworkers

Important tips to follow: You must visit and posts, Each post must be a minimum of 20 seconds. If we do not visit a minimum of 10 posts. He’s not going to pay us then what he is telling us that he is going to track your IP address based on our IP address He’s going to watch how many posts we are going to visit.

After completing the visit, then click on any one big banner ad and stay in that ad for one minute. After browsing for one minute. Click on any 2 pages inside the ad. This is the one that is expected from this person. After completing all this. Now come to require proof section what he’s asking so that we can complete. His requirements first, he’s asking last two website URLs.

4. After that last sentence of the 7th post and then the post first, we’re going to submit last to website URLs in the first box. After submitting the last website.

5. Go to the 7th post Copy the last sentence from the 7th post and Do the same in the 10th post also.

As he told that visit in one banner ad. He is asking us to give the inside page URL of the advertisement that we clicked. So after visiting 2 pages inside. Click on the URL. Paste that URL in the 3 sections, that’s all.

How to do Search Click Works in Picoworkers

After completing all these instructions, check once whether you are submitted everything or not. If everything is found good, then submit the task successfully.


A simple way to earn money in Picoworkers by selecting these categories like Video Marketing, Reddit Tasks, and Click works, here I explained How we can do Search Click Works in Picoworker

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