How to do Reddit Work in Picoworkers

If you are looking for some guide to know how to do Reddit work in Picoworkers to earn passive income easily this is for you. Here we will see a complete step-by-step process of doing Reddit tasks. These tasks can be found in Reddit Category. Reddit tasks are rapidly giving from last month. It is easy to do each task will take just 15 to 20 seconds to complete.

Take a simple calculation for a better understanding of earning a passive income in a short span or if we can say for working 1 hour a day to earn a minimum of Rs. 500 to 700. Do you want to know How? Let’s check!
As I told you before doing a task will take a minimum of 15 seconds, then in a minute, we can do 4 tasks. In an hour we can do 240 tasks, let’s say if some take time to find the correct post to upvote then approximately we can do 220 to 250 tasks, and each task will give us $0.03 to $0.04.

On average if we assume 225 tasks we did in 1 hour, 225*0.03($) = $ 6.75. In Indian conversation, it will come to around Rs. 480. Little confused right? At the start, even though it is not genuine pay for Indians, after my first withdrawal, I left all my earning searches and stuck to this work.

Now, let’s see how to do Reddit work in Picoworkers to earn easily in a short period. If you are new to Picoworkers and willing to earn with us, Sign Up by clicking the below button.

Steps: How to do Reddit Work in Picoworkers

Mainly create an account on Reddit upload any post or image, update your profile, and keep a proper profile picture. This is enough to do Reddit works.
Here I will show Images step by step so that they will be easy to do.

How to do Reddit Work in Picoworkers

Step 1: Copy the Link given in the task.

Reddit Works in Picoworkers

Step 2: Copy the Username of the person who posted it(*If they asked to submit as proof)

Reddit Works in Picoworkers

Step 3: Click on your profile as shown and copy the Profile link or Username( * As per requirement in submission some will ask for a link and some will ask for just a username (Ex: u/nameofyouraccount)

Reddit Works in Picoworkers

Step 4: Don’t Forget to Upvote the post and Check everything before submitting it to avoid Rejection.

Reddit Works in Picoworkers

You can request any other query by entering into the contact us section. I will help you to guide every task if required. You can join into telegram channel and message me personally.

Important Note: Don’t submit the same answer to every task because there is a bot watching the submitted answers, if you submit the same link again you may fall into the pending time before task submission.

The trick to overcome this is, that you can write some words like; URL is, URL, Link is, Link, Reddit Account, Reddit Account URL or Link, etc to avoid unwanted rejections from the bot.


With a simple piece of calculation, I showed you how to earn a minimum of Rs. 500 from a single category. You simply need to follow:

  1. Select the job in Reddit Category
  2. Follow the Instructions Carefully
  3. Find the post and upvote them, and check if they asked to comment if any
  4. Provide the requirement asked by them to verify

Hope this content is useful and helps you to earn some income from home. If you are new to this, you don’t know what is Picoworkers, How to earn with Picoworkers site. (Visit: Top 3 Websites to Earn Money (With Payment Proof) ).

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