Google Pixel 6a review

Hello, welcome to let’s explore tech today we are going to see about Google pixel 6a. Google pixel comes with 128 and a display of 15 points I can say that 6.14 inches camera specifications as close to 12 MB dual and when it comes to the front camera 8-megapixel front camera and a battery of 4410 mAh with a Google tensor processor.

This is brief information about Google pixel 6a, so now we are going to see in detail information about the new pixel we can say this in detail explanation of each field or specification of pixel phone in different factors like camera and more details about the processor and look and feel when we called or when you see this phone and how Google maintains is the user interface and update details and special features that 6a have and finally about charging

Google Pixel 6a Specifications

Check detail review about Google Pixel 6a

Search engines Tensor

Yahoo and google Tensor, Google ‘s built- to rapid order processthe or suitable for Pixel, allows software to open immediately, websites and photographs to launch speedily, and all involving it to performance seamlessly, enabling typically the Pixel 6a to be able to be snappy and even intuitive.

Battery – An All-Day Power Backup

The particular Google Pixel ‘s adaptable battery can final for more than 24 hrs by learning your own favourite applications plus reducing power usage on those a person seldom use. In addition , with Extreme Electric battery Saver you are able to extend your battery- life simply by up to seventy two hours by choosing which applications in order to run while -pixel switches off others. You can furthermore get hours associated with battery in only a few minutes due to quick wired getting.

Camera – That Allows You to have the conversation

Face Unblur may make a blurry face sharper, enabling you to capture the moment even while it’s happening. Additionally, Magic Eraser lets you change an object’s colour and brightness so that it blends in while also removing undesired things. With Night Sight, you can capture dimly lit portraits, starry skies, and city lights. Real Tone also enables you to tastefully and accurately record natural skin tones.

Titan M2 Processor – Safety measures and Privacy

The Pixel is more resistant to attacks because to an additional layer of hardware security provided by the Google Tensor security engine and Titan M2 chip. Additionally, the Pixel 6a supports Fingerprint Unlock, a dependable and secure way to unlock your phone. Check Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Complete review

Look & Feel – Little- friendly Construct

Typically the Pixel 6a is usually water and dust particles resistant owing to being able to IP67 certification. Thus you can bring your phone together with you on just about all of your daring escapades.

UI – The Customisable Pixel User interface

Utilize Material You to complete tasks quickly and easily, and choose a backdrop image that complements the color of your Pixel. Additionally, you may get useful information via the At A Glance function, such as alerts for upcoming meetings or the most recent music while your headphones are connected.


Your Pixel becomes better every few months with automatic software updates that bring cutting-edge tools, methods, and applications right to your phone. read, Asus ROG Phone: The Ultimate Republic of Gamers Phone?

Special Feature – Convert Languages in Actual Time

Using Pixel’s Live Convert, you can speak in 11 foreign languages, interpret face rapid to- to confront discussions, and recognize signs directly by your phone.

YouTube Premium and Google One

With the Pixel 6a, you can enjoy your favourite music and movies without interruptions and have access to more than 100 GB of cloud storage for three months to back up your data, contacts, and other items.

Changing Is Easy

This merely takes a couple of minutes to move your favourite applications from the previous cell phone to the Pixel 6a. You can simply move messages, contacts, plus photographs for your brand new smartphone using the Fast Switch adapter.


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