Getting Started with Blogger in 2022

Hi Friends, Welcome to the Blogging Guide First topic Getting Started with Blogger. We will see some basics to gain some knowledge on the Blogger platform or blogger environment.

Is this necessary to know about the Blogger platform? If you ask me I say YES, because before going to write our ideas, thoughts, and information for the public. We need a platform to provide that information to the public 24/7. We need to do many things for that like SEO, Basic Page building, Ways to run coding, Theme, Images optimization, Clearing Unwanted data or avoiding falling to scammers, Design, and more. We will be learning all these things soon here.

I will try to do a video demonstration on them as well soon on my YouTube channel, Please do SUBSCRIBE to it for the latest updates.

Blogger Guide: Getting Started with Blogger

Blogger contains many options which we need to optimize and modify to our needs before providing our site map to Google console. Please follow the steps to avoid unnecessary problems. I will provide some HTML, and CSS codes as well in the future which really makes your website look great for viewers.

After Creating a Blog Site, you will get like this we will explore one after one to understand clearly what they really help for. Here I will do an overview of this Blogger page, in later days I will give a detailed explanation of it. It will make you confident enough to touch the coding part to modify it on your own. Let’s Explore Getting Started with Blogger now.

Post: For new Blog Content

When you click on Post, you will have a page like shown. Here you will write content that you need to show to the public through the website which you created. Know how to write a blog post, what needs to be inserted, and how to modify your content SEO friendly.

About Blogger Post Tab

Page: For Page development

We need to have some basic pages before creating a blog post. It is necessary to have pages like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, About Us, Contact Us, and Disclaimer on your website before you apply for Google Adsense. These pages can be created easily with some tools.

About Blogger Page Tab

Status: To check page, post views

Simple analytics about our posts and pages which shows how many views we got for a specific post or page will be shown in the status tab.

About Blogger Status Tab

Comments: To manage comments for a blog post

The comments section will display all comments that are coming for your blog post, you can modify them, or delete them as per your requirement if you found anything wrong in the comments. Many scam messages will we get for blog content irrespective of the content that we wrote, such comments can be deleted by us to avoid scam attacks.

Blogger Comments

Earnings: To check Revenue

The earnings sections will show us the revenue generated by a blog post after monetization. We can get paid for the ads displayed in our blog.

Blogger Earnings tab

Layout: For website outline customization

The layout will show us a blueprint of our website, and what is present on the Header, Sidebars, Body, and Footer. We can add, modify, and delete as required to look our website clean. I will explain in detail about modifying the layout section to look the website attractive.

About Blogger Layout Tab

Theme: For Style and Design

Themes can be changed, or we can modify existing HTML, and CSS code here. By clicking the “Edit HTML” option we will get the code used to develop, and design our website. Be careful while changing any code in here, any changes done without knowing will lead to damage to your website look.

About Blogger Theme Tab

Reading List: To get the latest blog updates from your blog creators

About Reading List is all about the blog post from your followers, you can manage your followers using the manage option. Use of reading list is you can stay updated on content posted by the followers or a website. By adding a new website to the list, you will get content present on their website. We can use this to stay updated with the latest trends from them, or it will help us to get some idea about the content which we are willing to write.

About Blogger Reading List Tab

How to manage Reading List: Click on ‘Manage‘ > Add the website URL you are willing to follow > Click ‘Next‘. The selected website will be added to the list, you can add, or delete them from the Manage section.

About Blogger Manage Reading List Tab

Settings: Modification in Blog

Everything about your website is available here, there are many sections present in this settings tab. Let’s Explore them now

About Blogger Settings Tab


Modify Title, Description, Add Favicon (Logo), Provide Google Analytics property ID to track analytics, and if your blog contains Adult content you can show a warning message with age confirmation before accessing the page from here.


Keep Privacy > Visible to search engines > ON (Always) so that search engines can find your blog.


Publishing contains domain-related settings, you can add a new domain if you purchased, otherwise free domain name will be provided from Google with “” with your domain name. Getting an Adsense from this domain is difficult.


Ensure that your HTTPS redirect is ON, it will help us to redirect to HTTPS from HTTP.

Permissions & Posts

Permissions will helps us to add new users and modify user access so that our friends can have access to read, write and modify new posts or existing posts.

Posts are used to decide how many posts need to be displayed on a page, recommended to place the value on 7 to 10, it is up to you, if you want to look your page big while scrolling you can have a high number.

Comments, Emails, and Formatting

Comments moderation setting like when needing moderation, how often you need to modify such options available. No need to modify Emails options that are used to get notifications for posts, and comments.

Formatting for Indian select GMT+5:30 Kolkata, Date header format, and Comment timestamp format is up to you.

Meta tags, Errors & redirects, Crawlers & indexing

Meta tags or meta descriptions are brief explanations of your blog. write what your blog mainly contains so it will attract people.
Error & Redirection is used to redirect to a selected page if any error occurs in a current link, it will help users go back after getting the error so that users can have a chance to stay and navigate on our page.
For indexing don’t add custom indexing files, use Google Search Console (Create an account and provide site map to console).


Blogger will provide us with simple customization for the blog, It is simple, fast, and effective. We no need to add plugins or Customize any templates, but we can add widgets and modify themes which are existence. There is a wide range of blogger templates you can get from Google. The best theme for mobile is available in Sora Templates. If you are willing to start blogging without paying, to learn how it works then start with blogger, you will get at last but it’s ok to start for free to learn.

If you are willing to apply for Adsense, better to purchase a Domain and Hosting is necessary to customize with WordPress. If you can’t pay for Hosting, then take a domain from google and use Blogger.

Hope the content in Getting Started with Blogger in 2022 cleared most of your problems and gives a basic guide to creating a blog site.

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