Detail review about Cherish custom ROM with Android 12

About Cherish custom ROM

This is Cherish, desires one of the excellent android ROM out there it is primarily based on android 12 and it is on hand for many smartphones however the query is can you use this as a day-by-day driver let’s explore it for every feature present in Cherish custom ROM.

Booting & Performance

So aside from the exceptional boot animation, this Cherish OS has a lot to provide, this ROM has elements of steadiness a customized camera, and more. In my experience, this Cherish OS is too excellent to be real. So first of all let’s speak about this custom os in detail and explore every feature one after one. Cherish OS performance is remarkable, it has no junk applications, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth a whole lot of features work terrific, even you can use all the banking apps and price apps in this ROM.

So when you install this ROM for the very first time it may seem like simply an inventory android however wait till you open the settings menu, where you can personalize the way your placing menu appears for that go to this cherry settings. For the first time, I am ever seeing this form of function in any ROM and now there are greater battery icons in the status bar customization, IOS battery icon is also present in this Cherish OS.

cherish os letsexplore tech

You can personalize your lock display screen so if you are listening to tune you can see the cover art on the lock display additionally you can see this visualizer. Hiding the clock or changing the font on your display is another cool feature present in it, and there are lots of additional aspects that this OS presents so this ROM is very easy.


There are no junk apps, and no bloatware so this ROM mostly takes very much less of your storage and due to the fact there are no undesirable apps you get, more free RAM (Random Access Memory) which you can use in your gaming while playing games, you hardly find nil drops in frames. To talk more about game settings, this OS has a separate menu where it will optimize your games and provides a better experience.

Detail review about Cherish custom ROM with Android 12

Here you will discover machine unique elements simply go there and you can allow an excessive refresh fee, however, this characteristic will only work if you have a 120Hz refresh rate feature. Then you have this DC Diving option, it essentially takes care of your screen flickering issues, and there is a thermal profile this feature is for power users, and there is an MI sound enhancer you can use it definitely works when you have a good kind of earphones.

Gaming & Benchmark Score (MIUI vs Cherish)

So gaming in this room is decent, as I mentioned before I tested by playing BGMI (PUBG), and Clash of Titans, Asphalt 9: Legends there is no frame drop, and there are no screen glitches and definitely no false close. If you are looking for a benchmark score here is enter the score compared to MIUI with Cherish below table. This comparison shows Cherish OS is slightly upper than MIUI, it has many factors to compare, and as we know that MIUI is a bulky OS with pre-installed apps and junk.

Benchmark Score (MIUI vs Cherish)



Battery performance matters. About the battery life I get almost 2 days with normal use after the full charge, So when complete features in this OS are superb, What’s now not accurate in this ROM?


Happily, this custom ROM comes with Gcam inbuilt, when compared to MIUI camera Gcam has a lot of features and better performance in capturing the image. Recently, MI released its MIUI 13 update which comes with a lot of bugs and problems that are coming in Camera, Speakers, and External App usage. I did some research and wrote the steps to try solving the MIUI Camera issue (How can you fix Redmi Note 10 Pro Camera blurry?).


Overall Performance balance, Battery existence, Cherish Menu, Gaming, Camera, and Speed this ROM will truly outperform MIUI 13.

Cherish OS download link: Cherish OS for all Devices

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