Best Themes for MIUI 12 & 13

Welcome to Let’s Explore Tech, If you are looking for the Best Themes for MIUI 12 & 13 this content is right for you. Nowadays most of us were using Mi, Redmi, or POCO phones from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi or Realme phones come at cheaper rates and are user-friendly with better customization and are Cheaper when compared to other brands. Due to this reason, most of us tend to buy these brands.

People using Mi, Redmi, or POCO phones mostly with the in-built theme which they provide when we set up mobile. Today we will explore some cool and trending themes that are available in MIUI Themes App.

Trending Themes in MIUI Themes App :

1. ShivNature

ShivNature is one of the best MIUI themes with a cool transparent icon in green color which gives a better look and feel for your phone, the text is not much attractive but you can use some cool text which I mention in a separate blog post where you can add them to this theme to make your Theme look clear and attractive while using.

Maha Shiv Theme is one of the best MIUI Theme for 12 or 13
1. Maha Shiv Theme (ShivNature)

Lockscreen is much more attractive to watch, which contains a Clock at the top left, a Social Media icon to access them from the lock screen directly, and Maha Shiv Picture at back as a LockScreen wallpaper.

If you are a fan of green color and looking for some devotional theme having a god image back then this theme for your phone is the cool and the best pick.

2. Love Cake_DWM2

The love Cake theme is especially for Love Gurus, LoL I am just kidding. I prefer this theme if you are using MIUI 12, this is one of the best themes for Redmi Phones ever. Now I updated my MIUI to 13 so I left this theme unused but some of them were still using older versions can have this theme on your phone, which gives a better look and feel (recommended if you are in Love)

Love Cake_DWM2
2. Love Cake_DWM2

Let’s have a brief look into this theme, Refer to the image above before downloading. Please note that I am not ranking these Themes where I am selecting these themes from different categories and listing them here randomly, So, look for them in your themes app by searching the exact name as shown above. This Theme contains a Love background and round Icons and the font also looks like a default one, I recommend using these fonts instead of the fonts provided in the theme.

3. UI Mix Vol-2

UI Mix is a new theme, this theme is trending for many days and it has Millions of downloads Worldwide. Download count for this theme will tell this as one of the best themes ever you find So that this is one of the best themes for MIUI 12 & 13.

3. New Uni Mix Theme
3. Uni Mix Vol-2

This is one of the Best Themes for Redmi Phones. Look at the clean & pleasant lock screen with no added and customized icons that make your phone look cool, and the white light theme with a creative wallpaper gives a pleasant feel while watching your phone. The icons are not modified so for a better icon look you can add this theme and edit it from the profile tab.

4. SPHERE[OS] – IOS Theme

If you are looking best MIUI themes to make your phone look like IOS Apple, this is the right theme for you to experience the IOS User Interface. This is one of the best MIUI themes for MIUI 13.

4. IOS Theme
4. SPHERE[OS] – IOS Theme

The best Themes for MI Phones, I am not a fan of the IOS interface but I love using iPhones because they protect us from hackers and provide privacy for us. Look at this IOS from the Themes app you will love this.

5. Mela 12.5

This is another IOS Theme with plain lock screen rest of the things will look somewhat similar because mostly all IOS-based themes look similar with small customizations

5. Mela 12.5
5. Mela 12.5 (IOS Theme)


In short, the best and most used, trending themes in MI Themes App are:

  1. ShivNature – God Theme, Green Color, Transparent Icons
  2. Love Cake_DWM2 – Love Theme, Heart symbol and Lovely look
  3. UI Mix Vol-2 – Cool White Light background
  4. SPHERE[OS] – IOS Theme with Fancy Lockscreen
  5. Mela 12.5 – IOS Theme with Plain and Clear Lockscreen

This is based on July 2022, as the trending apps will keep on changing and new apps will also be added in further days, I will keep on editing this content every month with some more cool themes. The END has arrived, hope you liked it. Please find this blog Tech News MR you can explore more stuff in the upcoming days.

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I feel much more energized if my comment section is used to discuss some cool stuff Please feel free to add your doubts for suggestions on which I need to focus on to make you feel better.

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Is MIUI 12 better than MIUI 11?

Yes, no doubt in that where people like an upgraded or updated version nowadays. There are many changes in User Interface between MIUI11 and MIUI12
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